foresights HTW Dresden

2nd Place

Design Glass Façade 700 x 600 cm (275.59 x 236.22 in) with Chrome Coating

Concept “Art in Architecture” for the Construction Project New Building for Teaching and Laboratory Facilities at the University of Applied Sciences Dresden (HTW)

Non-public Single-phase Competition with Preceding Application Process

Client: State Enterprise Saxon Real Estate and Construction Management (SIB), Dresden II


Budget: € 125,000

Partner: Peters Glass Studio Paderborn

The glass artwork “foresights” is intended to formally emphasize the architecture of the building on one hand and capture the guiding principles of the research that will take place within the building on the other hand. The motif takes on the structure and design of the building while discreetly integrating into its elements. Spanning the entire glass surface of the entrance portal (706 x 624 cm/ 275.59 x 236.22 in), the motif portrays an abstracted cloud landscape with towers reaching skyward. The uniqueness lies in the use of a bronzed chrome coating that creates selective reflections both outward and inward. As such, the viewer becomes a part of the ethereal landscape and their individual “lighthouse project.” The ascending towers in the motif are interconnected by diagonal lines, creating a network between them. The individual projects communicate with one another.

Through its restrained color palette and patterning, the artwork harmonizes with the building’s façade. Its structure, akin to the building’s cornices, reaches skyward. Thus, within the architecture, the glasswork underscores the university’s goal of universality and offers a space for experimenting and exploring one’s own themes.

Various perspectives of “foresights” generate distinct lighting effects between the interior and exterior. The chrome layer outside exhibits shades of gold and bronze, while it reduces to a silver hue within the interior motif. This simplified color choice within the foyer or wind lobby provides students a space for their own design and presentation of ideas. As a result, the glass artwork discreetly recedes into the background of the interior space, while from a distance outside, the golden chrome layer shines, nuanced by transparent blue and opaque white.
The glass artwork “foresights” merges traditional and modern glass painting techniques. The incorporation of the chrome layer, a modern process, contrasts with the techniques of classical glass painting. This synthesis of the old and the new aligns with the University of Applied Sciences Dresden’s commitment to integrating valued techniques into experimental practices that drive new innovations in its laboratories. The visual richness of this experimental design fully reveals itself from both the exterior and interior perspectives, through a change in perspective and the movement of the observer. Students, educators, and other visitors are encouraged not to remain static, not to view the artwork in a museum-like manner, but rather to embrace the opportunities to engage with and explore the space and freedom of the new HTW Dresden building from their unique vantage points.