church St. Etienne in Attert (Belgium)

St Etienne in Attert Side window (1) Dana Meyer
St Etienne in Attert choir window (1) Dana Meyer

colored glass windows with thermal deformation

design for the redesign of windows in the church interior


6 side windows / 4 choir windows

reference to the Attert River desired

Financial framework: € 165,000

Partner: Peters Glass Studio Paderborn

The design of the windows is inspired by the dynamic movement of water. From the entrance, water flows into the space, then swirls around the pillars before the choir area. In the choir itself, one immerses into the water. The details of the swirls and water intensify towards the choir. Thus, at the entrance windows, one sees the water surface with gentle wave-like movements, while in the choir, oxygen bubbles rise through the light. The central significance of the choir is emphasized both by the meticulous depiction of water details and by the full view of the windows themselves.

In the former nave, the windows are interrupted by horizontal frame lines. These lines in the interior mirror the direction of the central and side pillars, also directing attention to the cross vault. On the exterior, the frame lines support the clear architecture of the Église St-Etienne in the landscape. Furthermore, in their functionality, they influence the room climate by allowing parts of the window panels to be opened.
The windows are designed as double-glazed windows. On the outside, the panes are thermally deformed, creating gentle waves. These waves in the glass echo the movement of the river. The reflection of light is thus refracted similarly to the observation of the water surface, forming an appealing focal point for visitors looking at the windows from outside. As a result, the space begins to flow not only from the inside but also from the outside.